Item - Falconer

ID UNSW S 1955/0267 (082042)
Artist Tom BASS (1916 - 2010)
Title Falconer
Alternate Titles
Category Sculpture
Medium electrolytic copper
Materials electrolytic copper
Edition Number
Measurements (cms)  
  Height 1400.00
  Width 550.00
  Depth 20.00
  When 1955
  Where Australia, NSW, Sydney
Style Narrative
Subject Allegory
Credit Line Commissioned by the University for the first permanent building, 1953
Description/Remarks    The sculpture was designed to convey the ideal that every student of the University should be to some extent an artist, giving due consideration to the aesthetic factors in all their professional activities, whether they be an engineer, geologist or architect etc. In response to the brief Tom Bass drew inspiration from Herbert Read's poem "The falcon and the dove", its powerful images inspiring him to create his "analogy for the conflict between the value of beauty and the unrestrained function of the intellect".
Exhibition History
Bibliography Poignant, A., New University Statuary, The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney NSW Australia, 1954, 28 August; page 10.
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ISBN 0 7334 0262 3
©Reproduced with permission.

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