Item - Journey to a seagull island

ID UNSW BP 1991/0596 (082451)
Artist UNKNOWN ( - )
Title Journey to a seagull island
Alternate Titles
Category Painting
Medium bark
Materials ochres on eucalyptus bark
Edition Number
Measurements (cms)  
  Height 39.00
  Width 94.00
  Depth 0.00
  Other Box frame: 53.5 x 115 x 7 cms
  Signed none
  Where Australia, NW Arnhem Land
Style NW Arnhem Land
Subject Nautical
Credit Line Presented by Dr Milton Roxanas through the Australian Government's Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme, 1991
Description/Remarks    Bark divided in half. Left panel has unpainted ground covered with white spots, sea-gulls and two figures. Right panel has 2 boats placed one above the other. The higher contains 3 figures paddling, the lower has 3 figures waving(?); in the unpainted square of the lower right corner are three yellow painted dolphins. Old label on verso describes image: "This bark painting deals with the experiences of some Aborigines who, in two canoes, visited an outlying island to collect the eggs of the nesting seagulls. The right hand panel illustrates the outward journey, the left hand panel, the gathering of the eggs. In the extreme right of the drawing are three dolphins which the men in the canoes (upper left) endeavour to spear, but without success. The cross-hatched rectangles indicate the patches of rough water through which the boatmen had to cross in the canoes, and the white dots on the sides of the canoes are the eggs collected by the Aborigines. On the left of the panel, the seagulls, disturbed by the men collecting their eggs, take flight. But on the opposite side of the panel the birds are shown quietly sitting on the nests. In the centre of the panel are two fish brought by the parent birds to feed their young while, scattered over the surface foreground, indicated by white dots, are the numerous eggs [of the birds.]"
Exhibition History

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